40 Days for Life

10-06-2019Pastor's LetterFr. John C. Granato

My Dear Friends,

October is a month dedicated to pro-life. Many people say that being pro-life is a political issue and that abortion has become a political issue. When they say this, what they really mean is that there is a separation of Church and State; hence the great number of Catholic politicians who support keeping abortion legal. The Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade has made sure that abortion would stay in the political realm thereby giving leverage to the faulty separation of Church and State argument.

Ironically, the same Catholic politicians who find abortion to be in line with their Catholic belief system, while at the same time decrying the bishops who are trying to make abortion illegal, are the same politicians who have no problem using Sacred Scripture to defend their more progressive causes. It does seem to many people that the separation of Church and State is only invoked by politicians and media when it comes to abortion whereas these same people use religion to further "social justice" projects.

Social justice is a misnomer when it does not include the defense of the unborn. Abortion is not a political issue despite what many people believe. Abortion is a moral issue; in fact, it is the leading moral issue of our day. Millions of innocent babies are aborted every year. Planned Parenthood makes millions of dollars a year as the biggest abortion provider in the United States. Yet, despite their coffers, they spend millions of dollars on political races donating to more progressive candidates who will not only keep abortion legal but will also make sure that the government continues to fund them. How an organization that makes millions and spends millions needs tax payer money is mind boggling. But since we have made abortion a political issue instead of a moral issue, those who want to defund Planned Parenthood are demonized, usually with the argument that pro-life people are anti-women and they are against health care for women. That, of course, is untrue.

In our Archdiocese of Hartford, in conjunction with other dioceses throughout the country, we are engaging in 40 Days for Life, a campaign to help bring an end to abortion. This campaign has been instrumental in bringing about conversions of many abortion providers, including Abby Johnson, who was a Planned Parenthood clinic director for many years before she assisted at an abortion and left her position. She has become a pro-life advocate, which was dramatized in the very powerful movie which was made from her autobiography, Unplanned.

The campaign 40 Days for Life is a peaceful and prayerful campaign to bring about conversions in a non-threatening way while witnessing to the power of prayer and the dignity of all human persons, including the mother who thinks she has no other choice as well as the life that she carries inside her. We will be offering 12 hours of Eucharistic Adoration on Sunday, October 27th from 7:00am-7:00pm and praying in front of the abortion clinic on Friday, October 25th. Please keep this campaign in your prayers and please join us either in Hartford on Friday or praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament on Sunday as we witness to life.

May God Bless,
Father John