First Sunday of Advent

12-01-2019Pastor's LetterFr. John C. Granato

We have reached the beginning of the Liturgical calendar once again. Today begins the great season of Advent, the season of preparation not only for the commemoration of the birth of our Savior but also a reminder that there is a Second Coming of Christ. For many this second coming happens or will happen at our death, but our faith reminds us that Jesus will come again in glory at the Second Coming, as He Himself mentioned in Sacred Scripture many times. No one knows the time nor the hour of when He will come back, but in the meantime we live our lives in hopeful expectation that if He comes again during our lifetime we will be ready for Him. We are called to live each day as if it were our last. By doing so, we are called to a daily conversion so that we will be found worthy of entering into God's kingdom.

This Advent season, may we prepare with sobriety and ask God to help us to live lives of virtue so we will not be caught unaware or unexpected of Jesus' coming. The season of Advent for many people is the time to attend Christmas parties and do Christmas shopping. These are important events to do in order to prepare for Christmas Day, but despite the media showing us the ugly side of holiday shoppers, there is much good will at this time as we approach the Birth of Christ. Let us as well join in the festive spirit and offer good will to all we meet. But, as Catholics, let us also be an example to others that the Advent season and the Christmas season are two distinct liturgical seasons, yet the good will shown and offered during the days before Christmas should carry us through not only the Christmas season but, as faithful Catholics, the whole year through. Joy and peace and hope and love are not only for the Advent wreath. The joy and peace we experience during this sacred time are meant to be experienced every day of our lives. May you have a blessed Advent season and prepare well for the Coming of Christ in your lives.

May God Bless,
Father John