2nd Sunday of Lent

02-28-2021Pastor's LetterFr. John C. Granato

My Dear Friends,

On the second Sunday of Lent, we read at Mass the passage of the Transfiguration. This year it comes from St. Mark’s Gospel. The Transfiguration is an important event in the life of Christ. It is when he brings Peter, James and John with him to the top of Mount Tabor. While on the mountain, Jesus is transfigured in dazzling white in front of the three Apostles. He is preparing them for what is about to happen as they approach Jerusalem.

The suffering that Jesus will endure will bring about our salvation, so Jesus allows them a glimpse of the glorified body that will return after his death on the cross so that they will have the strength and the courage to preach the good news and to know that they themselves, as well as all of us who profess Jesus to be the Christ, will also be transfigured.

The glorified body of Our Lord, witnessed by these Apostles, is also witnessed by us at every Mass for it is his glorified body that we see at the moment of consecration and that we receive in the Blessed Sacrament at Holy Communion. With all of the suffering we endure every day in our lives, we can turn to the Lord and ask for his help and his presence to help us persevere in our sufferings and in carrying our crosses. As we continue in our journey of Lent, let us turn to the Lord and ask for his grace and his mercy as we put to death sin in our lives so as to live in the freedom of the sons and daughters of God.

May God bless you during this holy season of Lent.