Women's Retreat

Add Fri, Feb 11 - Sun, Feb 13

The retreat theme, All Around Us We Have Known You, invites us to know and recognize all around us, especially in nature, the God who loves us, sustains us, cares for us, strengthens us and holds us in being. This theme calls us to be aware that everything is connected, to enlarge our ideas of this God beyond all names, to let go of our prejudices about who God is and is not, about the places where we might “find” God, and about how we are able to relate to this God who exists beyond the limits of anything we can “know.” Come and find a safe, quiet, sacred space where you can encounter God.

The cost is $290 for the weekend or $145 for Commuter Saturday.

For more information call 860-677-8519 or visit www.ourladyofcalvary.net.