Christmas Giving Trees

St. Maurice Giving Tree

The Christmas Giving Tree has been an on-going holiday tradition at St. Maurice Church for over twenty years. This year we will have tags on the Christmas tree for the weekend of Nov 27/28. We are again working with Klingberg Family Centers and the Prudence Crandall Center. The need for basic items is great again this holiday season. These two agencies appreciate the generosity of our parishioners over the years.

We are asking that if you take a tag from the tree, that you return the gift unwrapped (in a gift bag or with wrapping paper) with the tag to St. Maurice church no later than Sun, Dec 12. We will arrange to get the gifts to these two organizations the week of Dec 13.

St. Jerome Giving Tree

The Christmas Giving Trees are set up at St. Jerome Church for our Advent Masses. Parishioners are invited to take a tag and return the unwrapped gift with the tag firmly attached by Sun, Dec 12.

You may either purchase an item or a gift card from a variety of places. Walmart, Target, Amazon, Game Stop, Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, or any grocery store are some suggestions. There will be a list of requested items on the front of the tree as well.